Forget about daily chores
For a moment forget about your everyday problems and relax your body and soul in our biological renewal studio. Relaxing treatments, beautiful surroundings and a pleasant atmosphere will allow you to regenerate your strength and load your batteries with positive energy.
A session at Wellness & SPA is a great relax and rest, but not only. Sauna and Jacuzzi offer so much more: they will bring back the balance of your organism after exercises or hard work, warm up the muscles, make tissues more flexible, as well as increase the speed of metabolism, improve the work of the circulatory system and get rid of toxins remaining in the skin. It is worth pointing out that water bath decreases load, allowing your muscles and joints to rest.

We offer three types of sauna to choose from or combined in one cycle of treatments: Finish dry sauna, infrared sauna and steam sauna. The versatility makes this great treatment available to almost anyone (with the exception of general counter-indications against using sauna), even persons with decreased tolerance to high temperature.

Steam sauna

Steam bath in temperature from 43 to 46ᵒ C and a relatively high humidity – up to 100%. Improves blood supply, purifies and nourishes the skin. Has a positive impact on rheumatic problems and airway system disorders.

Dry sauna

A bath in dry air with a relatively low air humidity (from 5% to 13%) and temperature from 60 to 100ᵒ C. It gives you the feeling of relaxation and rest, immunizes the organism and helps remove toxins.

Infrared sauna

Infrared rays are active up to 4cm deep in the human body and cause identical effects of sweating as active sport. Sweat generated this way contains not only water, but also fats, cholesterol and harmful compounds which are excreted. Infrared sauna helps burn calories, which is why it is recommended as support for treatments aimed at reducing weight.

Bath with hydromassage (Jacuzzi)

Provides relaxation incomparable to anything else. Warm water relaxes your muscles, improves circulation and soothes pains. It is a perfect massage that regenerates strength. Treatments in our bath are exceptional due to its many functions.

A little something extra

We make all our best efforts to make the time spent at our SPA agreeable and effective. Saunas are enveloped in the scent of essential oils which have a positive influence on the state of your body and soul. The right mix of scents will allow you to relax and calm down. They also have a positive impact on the skin. Absorbed by inhalation, e.g. in a steam sauna, they restore patency of the respiratory system and reinforce immunity. All this is completed with a relaxation on stone couches and paraffin hand treatment, offered free of charge to customers using our biological renewal studio.