Everything tastes better together
Like sharing things that you enjoy with a person closest to you? Invite him/her to Sharley Institute for a special relaxing beauty session for two. Give your man or woman an original present which you will both be able to enjoy. Because together everything tastes better…
Forget about the whole world and spend this time just the two of you, no phones, no unannounced visits and thousands „important” things to do. In a cosy and romantic room, reserved in this time only for you, you will be able to rest from daily life in the atmosphere of beauty and luxury.

First the sauna. You can choose one of three kinds (Finish dry, infra-red or steam) or use one after another. Next a regenerating Jacuzzi bath for two. After relaxing bubbles an even more relaxing massage. We start it with body peeling, which softens and smoothes the skin, preparing it to absorb nutritious ingredients of the next treatment stage. Here, we are recommending stimulating treatments for the body and senses: Tropical Paradise, Blue Bora Bora massage or an Oasis of Tranquillity.

The session for two is held in a separated, cosy part of Sharley Institute, available only to you. Dimmed lights, candles, relaxing music and a beautiful arrangement of this place generate an incredible atmosphere which will make this time for two even more pleasant. You can choose one of the following beauty packages or contact us for an individual

Package 1

  • Programme: wellness; body peeling and massage
  • Duration: 2 h
  • Price: PLN 980 for 2 persons

Package 2

  • Programme: wellness, peeling and „Tropical paradise” massage; manicure and pedicure
  • Duration: 3 h
  • Price: PLN 1280 for 2 persons

Package 3

  • Programme: wellness; body peeling; relaxing massage; nutritious facial
  • Duration: 3 h
  • Price: PLN 1480 for 2 persons
Treatments for two will be a wonderful surprise for a person close to your heart, for example for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary. It is also a perfect wedding present for your friends.