A perfect permanent shape and beautiful colour
Your lips can look beautiful throughout day, without necessity to correct your make-up after eating, doing sports or kissing. Forget lip pencils and lipsticks! We will choose the best colour for you. You can refresh it with one strike of a gloss, not even looking in the mirror.

Using permanent make-up offer at Permanent Make-up Center you can highlight the shape of your lips, by evening out imperfections of their natural shape. We will choose pigment colour that matches best the colour of your lips and your type of appearance. We also recommend our exclusive speciality: full lip shading. We have a rich palette of colours which makes it possible for us to do make-up with natural or currently the most trendy colours. A trendy liplight containing light pigment will bring out the lip line and level out some fine lines around your lips.

Before the treatment
Three days before the treatment it is obligatory to take HEVIRAN pills twice a day. This drug is an antiviral medication which protects you from herpes. The drug should be administered after consultation with a doctor. Active herpes makes it impossible for us to carry out permanent make-up. So if you have this affliction, you should carry out the treatment after two weeks from its full healing. Before the treatment inform your lingerist about all lip fillings or injections you had before. If you are planning them, it is better to do them after permanent make-up.

It is really important to moisturize and smooth out your lips before the treatment. Chapped and cracked lips have poorer pigment absorption. If you want to change your lip shape, e.g. make your lips larger or have a liplight effect, you should take special care of the skin around your lips. We recommend several microdermabrasion, cavitation or soft peeling treatments. They will make your skin smoother and moisturized. Skin prepared in this way will absorb pigment better and will let us make an even more precise drawing. As a result your lips will be more expressive and will have a nicer, longer colour.

After the treatment
Directly after the treatment lip colour is quite intense, even with very delicate make-up. There is no need to worry, as the colour will fade away by 50% of the initial colour within 4 to 7 days. The effect of the treatment is reinforced after an obligatory correction.

Three days after the treatment it is obligatory to take HEVIRAN pills twice a day. The pigmented area should be treated in a particularly delicate way. It is not allowed to soak, rub or touch the pigmented skin. Under no circumstances can the pigmented skin be washed with soap or treated with any other cosmetics than the ones recommended by your lingerist.You should not use the sauna, solarium, SPA treatments, or go to the swimming pool. Lips should be moisturized serveral times a day, applying a very thin layer of special LTL cream with vitamin E on the pigmented surface to reinforce skin protection. After a while you can start using Shea Lip Balm LTL. Before and after meals your lips should be disinfected with a special Lippen Tonik LTL (this applies in particular to lips prone to herpes or infections). Caution!If the above recommendations are not followed, some discolourations may appear.

After healing
You should prevent the pigmented skin from drying out and avoid tanning. Also avoid aggresive peelings in the area of permanent make-up.
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Photo gallery
All pictures present the make-up just after the procedure. A minor swelling is natural and disappears after a while. The colours are quite intense and distinct right after the treatment. But they will fade away and become more gentle after several days once the skin has peeled.
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