Always an expressive look
If you can’t imagine make-up without a line on the upper and lower lid, you should think about having it forever. You will save time spent on every-day make-up and have a perfect frame which is impossible to achieve by yourself. But most of all, your eyes will now look beautiful in situations which are not conducive to wearing a make-up, e.g. at a swimming-pool or in bed.

Colour of the upper and lower lid makes eyes more expressive. You can choose between a delicate line, which will make your eye-lashes seem thicker, or a thicker, decorative line, if you’re used to strong eye make-up.This is a perfect treatment for women wearing glasses, who find it difficult to make a precise eye make-up by themselves.

Before the treatment
Skin on the lids should be properly moisturized and smoothed out. If you have sensitive eye-lids which are prone to swelling, it is good to take some homeopatic arnica capsules before the treatment. It is also desirable to have a good night’s sleep before the treatment, to make sure your eyes are rested.If you are dyeing your eye-lasheswith henna, have your permanent make-up several days after dyeing.
After the treatment
Directly after the treatment line colour is quite intense, even with very delicate make-up. There is no need to worry, as the colour will fade away by 50% of the initial colour within 4 to 7 days. The effect of the treatment is reinforced after an obligatory correction. Several days after the treatment pigmented areas sould be treated very delicately. Under no circumstances can the pigmented skin be washed with soap or treated with any other cosmetics than the ones recommended by your lingerist. You should not use the sauna, solarium, SPA treatments, or go to the swimming pool. You should not apply any shades or mascara.The cream recommended by your lingerist should be patted in at a distance of 0.5-1 cm from the lines. Caution!If the above recommendations are not followed, some discolourations may appear.
After healing
You should prevent the pigmented skin from drying out and avoid tanning. Also avoid aggresive peelings in the area of permanent make-up.
Video gallery
Photo gallery
All pictures present the make-up just after the procedure. A minor swelling is natural and disappears after a while. The colours are quite intense and distinct right after the treatment. But they will fade away and become more gentle after several days once the skin has peeled.
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