Brow shape you’ve always dreamt of!
Proper brow shape can add a lot of charm to your face. But you can seldom achieve it just with hair plucking, particularly when you are doing it yourself. You know really well yourself how easy it is to make an ugly mistake. With a permanently marked shape, which is best suited for your type of appearance, your brows will always look well, and it will be easier for you to pluck hair that grow outside its scope.

A perfect brow shape and arrangement is really rare. Brows are often irregular, and their constant plucking weakens your hair which become thinner and lighter. Dyeing provides only short-term effects, as brow hair live only four weeks. Moreover, brow curve ofthen has gaps where the hair stopped growing. In these cases Conture® Make-up is just irreplaceable. Brows are outlined using a pencil with individually selected colour. After agreeing on the outline with the client, pigment is inserted using Long Time Liner®.Precise pigmenting with this world renowned method provides exceptionally natural effects.

Before the treatment
It is best not to pluck your eye-brows for ca. 1 month before the treatment. This will enable us perfectly adjust the shape of pigmentation to the natural line of brow hair. You should also take care of the skin under your brows and around them. If it is too dry, you should moisturize it. If it is calloused and matt you should carry our peeling and put a mask or an ampoule. Too oily skin should be cleansed. You can also have very good effects by applying one or two microdermabrasion treatments, which will make your skin smooth, flexible and moisturized. Skin prepared in this way will absorb pigment better and will let us make an even more precise drawing. As a result your brows will be more expressive and the colour will stay longer.
After the treatment
Directly after the treatment pigment colour is quite intense, even with very delicate make-up. There is no need to worry, as the colour of your brows will fade away by 50% of the initial colour within 4 to 7 days. The effect of the treatment is reinforced after an obligatory correction.

Several days after the treatment brows should be treated very delicately. It is not allowed to soak, rub or touch the pigmented skin. Under no circumstances can it be washed with soap or treated with any other cosmetics than the ones recommended by your lingerist. You should not use the sauna, solarium, SPA treatments, or go to the swimming pool. Brows should be moisturized several times a day, applying a very thin layer of special LTL cream with vitamin E on the pigmented surface to reinforce skin protection. Caution!If the above recommendations are not followed, some discolourations may appear.

After healing
You should prevent the pigmented skin from drying out and avoid tanning. Also avoid aggresive peelings in the area of permanent make-up.
Video gallery
Photo gallery
All pictures present the make-up just after the procedure. A minor swelling is natural and disappears after a while. The colours are quite intense and distinct right after the treatment. But they will fade away and become more gentle after several days once the skin has peeled.
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