Bringing back the natural beauty
Permanent make-up should enhance beauty and impart glow. But what do you do if the make-up you’re wearing does not meet its objective? This may happen when make-up was made by an inexperienced person or with the wrong equipment, pigment or colour. Sometimes permanent make-up changes colour. This happens for example when there’s too much endemic red pigment in the skin and on top of that a warm shade was used to do the make-up. Corrective pigmentation can solve the problem. For instance it will let you get rid of the red brows effect. At Magda Bogulak’s Sharley Institute we offer corrective permanent make-up treatments. Corrective pigmentation helps reduce discolorations, changed colour and other issues caused by unskilled practitioners. Our experienced linergists, also trained in corrective pigmentation, will help you restore your good looks and self-confidence. If you’re not feeling well wearing your make-up, come to us! Trust our experience and feel beautiful again!
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