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Conture® Make-up Long Time Liner® is the most precise and safe of all permanent make-up methods available on the market. We have been using it for more than 15 years now. Magdalena Bogulak, owner of the salon, is its precursor in Poland, as well as the most experienced practitioner and trainer in this field. Similarly as all permanent make-up specialists at Permanent Make-up Center, Magdalena Bogulak was awarded the highest Long Time Liner® certificate – Elite Lingerist. Permanent Make-up Center lingerists were the most numerous Polish group, whose members were awarded this very title. Moreover, they were able to present their knowledge and skills at numerous Permanent Make-up Championships in Poland, winning top positions.
Important dates
  • 1996 – LICENSE  I –  Long Time Liner training – Munich
  • 1998 – TRAINING LICENSE – Munich – Sharley obtains LONG TIME LINER coach licences
  • 2003 – Participation in Jury of the Polish Permanent Make-up Championships
  • 2004 – Participation in Jury of the Polish Permanent Make-up Championships – Warsaw
  • 2006 – The introduction of the method of eyebrow hairs to offer
  • 2009 – Magdalena Bogulak is granted Elite Lingerist title as Long Time Liner trainer, which is a testimony to the highest standard of the highest quality of permanent make-up services
  • 2010 – Intensive Seminar- Elite Lingerist title  – Munich
  • 2011 – LICENSE II – Medical pigmentation LONG-TIME LINER – Munich
  • 2011 – Elite Training LTL – Munich
  • 2012 – Continued coaching license
  • 2013 – Elite Training LTL – Munich
  • 2014 – Trainer License – new trainers in Centrum Makijażu Magdy Bogulak
Elite Linergist Long-Time-Liner
Permanent make-up champions
Long Time Liner® Conture® Make-up

The most precise and safe permanent make-up method.

Already hundreds of years ago people would adorn their skin by injecting various pigments, whether for aesthetic or ritual reasons. These originally very primitive and imprecise methods had been developed for years, though not always in the right direction. Sometimes they would mar, rather than embellish tattoo lovers. Today we can consider the search for a stylish and yet safe method as completed.

In 1992 in Germany a new, perfected pigment implantation method called Long Time Liner® Conture® Make-up was established. Today it is considered to be the most precise and safe permanent make-up method in the world. Determination and huge involvement of its creator, Frau Waltraud Kuffner, has provided for spectacular results. Permanent make-up made with this method looks subtle and natural. Dye is only inserted in the third layer of the epidermis, reducing swelling after the treatment to the minimum and providing for very positive results. The method can be used to bring out the eye contour, outline and fill the lips, or shape the eyebrows.
The demand for „permanent beauty” was so high that Long Time Liner® kept developing very actively, enticing thousands of women with the possibilities of its innovative method and obtaining further certificates and awards.

These include among others: Beauty Award for the most innovative company of the year 2000 and award of the German „Beauty Forum” for the best permanent make-up equipment, which the company was awarded twice in 2008 and 2009.

It was elected PRODUCT OF THE YEAR in the permanent make-up category 4 times in a row by the prestigious „Beauty Forum”. The competition is organized every two years: winners in 11 categories are chosen on the basis of research carried out by specialists and votes cast by readers.

Long-Time-Liner devices are certified according to the German MPG act and the EU directive 93/42/EEC, which confirms that they do not pose any risk to the user, client or third parties when installed and used according to specifications. The device is manufactured in Germany pursuant to quality norms ISO 13485:2003 and DIN EN ISO 13485:2007. At the beginning of the conformity supervision process Long-Time-Liner® Conture® Make-up GmbH received its DIN EN ISO 9001 and EN 46000 conformity certificates from the accredited certification authority for the first time in 2000. Since then the certification has been repeated and renewed each year with reference to the current norms.
Long-Time-Liner’s® goal is to enable Linergists® to work with the maximum level of precision and to ensure that our customers have a relaxing experience, leading to the best possible results. The company has therefore been continually developing and improving its semipermanent make-up technology for over 20 years, ever since the company was founded.

The handheld pigmentation device works much like a modern ink pen in the sense that, rather than working with drops of ink on the skin, the Linergist® fills a compartment in the device with the selected colour, and this is then fed in a continuous supply to the tip of the needle. Among the great advantages of this is that the Linergist® has an unbroken line-of-sight to the area of skin on which she is working, meaning that she can apply the pigment with an extremely high degree of accuracy. Since the pigmentation device makes use of a very thin needle, the ability to have an unobscured view of the skin is essential if the best results are to be achieved. The fact that the colour is delivered straight from the handheld device also means that the colour remains clean throughout the procedure.

Conture® 2000 pigment dyes are allergy- and toxicologically safe and are classified as A0. They meet medical pigmentation standards, i.e. can be used for recovery, camouflage and renewable pigmentation. Long Time Liner® dyes do not contain any glycerine. Light colours are made with the use of titanium dioxide, while dark ones are derived from iron oxides. A full palette of colours – from black, through brown, to red and ochre – is achieved as a result of mixing the above ingredients in the right proportions. Light colours contain more titanium dioxide. Both compounds are safe and do not cause any allergic reactions.