Hand cream is not enough
Sensitive hand skin, deprived of adipose layer, with few collagen fibres and little elastin is more prone to harmful impact of chemical agents and environmental factors than any other body part. Hand cream is not enough to ensure the right protection and care. If you want your hands to stay beautiful and young longer, take care of it as soon as possible.
Choose a right treatment

Laser lifting (Fraxel)

The most modern skin regeneration and renewal method. The treatment improves hand skin elasticity and prevents premature ageing. Laser’s light generates a stream of impulses with microscopic diameter, which stimulate your skin to produce collagen and elastin intensively. Laser’s rays permeate to the dermis without damaging the epidermis. This is an absolutely safe treatment that brings spectacular effects – your skin is visibly younger and softer, without discolorations and sun spots.
Duration: 40 min
Price: PLN 1000

Medical mesotherapy

A very effective and at the same time safe method that brings back skin’s firmness and tightness. The treatment involves injecting small doses of moisturizing agents in the skin on the hands. Cocktails used for mesotherapy are a mix of many revitalizing and regenerating substances, such as hyaluronic acid, organic silica and multivitamin complexes, that stimulate cell metabolism and boost collagen and elastin production. For best effects use a series of 4-6 treatments, carried out every two weeks.
Duration: 30 min
Price: PLN 400-600

Hand peeling (Mediderma)

Medical and corrective treatments for damaged hands. Various acids (glycolic, almond, milk or pyruvic acid) used for these treatments will make your skin soft , smooth and tight, and its colour more uniform.
Duration: 30 min
Price: PLN 150

Mini Lift

A striking hand softening and whitening method. The treatment involves applying a special formula on the hands, which „works” on the surface, causing natural contractions of muscles and skin. This in turn stimulates blood circulation and improves skin metabolism. During this treatment you will feel pulsation and warmth on your hands covered with a drying formula. A 30-minute „gymnastics” is then followed by a short-term hyperanaemia, i.e. the skin is reddened and has significantly increased absorptive capacities. Hands are rubbed with a specially composed oil with vitamin E, to intensively nourish the skin and restore its natural conditions. After an hour or two skin should be nourished again. Mini Lift for hands can be applied in parallel with facials and body treatments, to save your time. The effect of beautiful, brighter hands with velvety skin is visible right after the first treatment. In order to maintain the effects it is good to apply Mini Lift regularly, e.g. always when you are making your manicure.
Duration: 1 h
Price: PLN 100

Brightening treatments

Hands with uniform, light colour will always look younger. You can make them lighter with the following treatments: microdermabrasion, AHA exfoliation, GlykoPeel or Green Peel.
Duration: 1h
Price: PLN 200-300

Paraffin bath

A popular, effective and fast way to moisturize and soften your hands. The treatment starts with peeling, which is followed by application of a regenerating formula and immersion of your hands in heated, liquid paraffin. Paraffin hardens on your hands which are wrapped in warming hand-gloves, to make sure that warmth maintained around your hands improves the absorption of the nourishing formula. Finally, paraffin is removed, not leaving any traces on the hands, leaving them moisturized and smooth.
Duration: 30min
Price: PLN 50

Velvety hands

We will make your hands perfectly nourished and incredibly soft. The treatment involves a special peeling comprising natural sea salt dissolved in almond oil with essential oils, mint and citrus fruit. The effect of smooth, well groomed skin lasts for several days.
Duration: 30min
Price: PLN 50

Relaxing hand massage

Improves your mood perfectly by relaxing and soothing your nerves and improving natural processes in the skin of your hands.
Duration: 30min
Price: PLN 50