Smooth and beautifull feet
Take care of the delicate skin of your feet. Do not let it be rough and dry. We have a wide range of treatments comforting the feet and nails. You can have a smooth and clear skin of the feet and beautiful nails. You will not be ashamed of them in the summer sandals and bare feet at home or at the beach.
Choose a right treatment

Mini Lift

A striking feet softening and whitening method. The treatment involves applying a special formula on your feet, which „works” on the surface causing natural contractions of skin and muscles. This in turn stimulates blood circulation and improves skin metabolism. During this treatment you will feel muscle pulsation and warmth on your feet covered with a drying formula. A 30-minute „gymnastics” is then followed by a short-term hyperanaemia, i.e. the skin is reddened and has significantly increased absorptive capacities. Feet are then rubbed with a specially composed oil with vitamin E to intensively nourish the skin and restore its natural conditions. After an hour or two skin should be nourished again. Mini Lift for feet can be applied in parallel with facials and body treatments, to save your time. The effect of beautiful, brightened feet with velvety skin is visible right after the first treatment. In order to maintain the effects it is good to apply Mini LIft regularly, e.g. always when you are making your pedicure.
Duration: 1 h
Price: PLN 100

Paraffin bath

A popular, effective and fast way to moisturize and soften your feet. The treatment starts with peeling, which is followed by application of a regenerating formula and immersion of your feet in heated, liquid paraffin. Paraffin hardens on your feet which are wrapped in warming gloves, to make sure that warmth maintained around your feet improves the absorption of the nourishing formula. Finally, paraffin is removed, without leaving any traces on your feet, leaving them moisturized and smooth.
Duration: 30min
Price: PLN 50

Velvety feet

We will make your feet perfectly nourished and incredibly soft. The treatment involves a special peeling comprising natural sea salt dissolved in almond oil with essential oils, mint and citrus fruit. The effect of smooth, well groomed skin lasts for several days.
Duration: 30min
Price: PLN 50

Ingrowing nails

Ingrowing nails are a very uncomfortable affliction which, however, can be corrected professionally. We do it using metal and plastic braces or special Suci-Protector tubes. Moreover, our pedicure-specialist will teach you how to trim your nails correctly, in order to prevent them from ingrowing in the future.
Duration and prices:

Metal brace PLN 150
Corrective brace for ingrowing nail (Gehwol) – plastic brace PLN 50 / 30min
Consultations / control of a corrective brace – PLN 30 / 30min
Tube correcting an ingrowing nail (Gehwol) – PLN 30 / 30min
Specialist cut of an ingrowing nail – PLN 30 / 30min
Specialist cut of an ingrowing nail + corrective tube – PLN 50