The world at your feet
Forget for a moment your daily chores and let the world revolve around your feet. Make yourself comfortable and relax, while we do our part.

While enjoying pedicure at Sharley Institute your feet will forget what it means to be firmly fixed on the ground. We will remove calloused skin (ordinary pedicure), and if needed also corns, poromas and clavuses (medical pedicure), we will trim the nails and massage your feet, which is undoubtedly the most pleasant part of the treatment. Finally, we will paint your nails with a polish of your choice. We also recommend Shellac, a novelty on the Polish market, which is a combination of polish and gel, offering durable colour for up to two weeks.

Pedicure at Sharley Institute is made with a state-of-the-art, non-invasive Gerlach device. This equipment has sterile, replaceable, high-speed heads and a special absorbing and sprinkling system, which guarantees safety and comfort. Corns, poromas and clavuses are thus removed quickly and pain-free. Ailing and deformed feet will appreciate soft silicone toe protection ring (Gehwol), which will improve the comfort of walking. It will provide effective protection of your feet, without causing any allergies or irritations. Using Gehwol’s Nagelmasse formula we will also reconstruct any depleted nails.