Manicure - Beautiful nails and better mood
Women love indulging themselves. Manicure undoubtedly does that. Whenever you’re having a rough day, something failed, or you just feel blue, come over to Sharley Institute and cheer yourself up with a new nail colour, and wave your sorrows goodbye with a well groomed hand.
We will make your manicure just as you like it: traditionally – removing cuticles with clippers or biologically – with special formulas and a stick. We guarantee full safety and sterility in both cases.
Shellac - A revolutionary combination of polish and gel

Try out Shellac – a total innovation on the Polish market! A revolutionary combination of polish and gel, which will give your nails a durable colour for up to two weeks.

No more fighting with chipped polish, streaks and long drying time. There’s Shelac – an innovation in modern nail styling. It is thin and flexible, looks natural and offers 12 different colours to choose from: beige, through to pink, red and strong dark colours. Applied like polish and resistant like a gel, it will let you enjoy a beautiful, fresh nail colour for up to two weeks. What’s more, it can be removed within just a few minutes.

During the treatment we are carrying out biological or traditional manicure, and then we apply Shellac. The formula is applied like a polish, and hardened with a UV lamp like gel.

Stylish nails
If you lead an intensive lifestyle, extending and modelling your nails is often the only way to keep them impeccable.

There are many situations where it’s impossible to avoid mechanical damages of your nails: work requiring contact with chemical agents, writing on computer keyboard, sport, daily household chores such as cleaning, washing… Nails subjected to constant damages will never look the way you would like them to. You can strengthen them by hardening natural nail plate with gel or extend them with artificial nails. We offer: natural artificial nails – recommended for difficult and chewed nails, and artificial gel nails, which look delicately and naturally.

Choose whatever suits you more or let us recommend the best method and decor, after we’ve inspected your nails. We will make sure that they look stylish and natural at the same time.