Trendy hairstyles, beautiful colours, healthy hair
Bring out brilliance and shine of your hair! We will take care of their healthy and stylish appearance at our Salon. We will help you choose the right hairstyle and colour, adjusted to your appearance and temper, as well as care cosmetics most suited for your hair type.

Form and colour

Want to change your image, feel exceptional and original? There is no better way to do that, than changing a hairstyle. Our hairdressers follow the most recent trends in hair-cutting and colouring and use the best L’Oreal and Kreastase achievements. They will offer you a hairstyle and hair colour in line with colour analysis and recommendations of make-up artists.


Ultimate Treatment

A simple 3-stage L’anza treatment that brings back strength, brilliance and health of damaged hair. This unique treatment, available only in professional hair salons, allows to adjust treatment to individual hair type, their condition and predispositions. A nourishing therapeutic complex containing the necessary proteins, moisturizing ingredients and minerals. It comprises three products that can be applied individually or combined in suitable proportions, depending on the type and condition of your hair. This regenerative treatment effectively keeps all the delivered ingredients in the hair structure, thoroughly closing its hull. Brings back natural pH to your hair and creates an invisible cover around the hair, protecting it from high temperature, pollution and UVA/UVB radiation.

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Chronologiste ritual

Intensively regenerating hair treatment from Kerastase portfolio, based on exceptional ingredients, at concentrations never used before in the products of this brand. Synergy of caviar pearls and mask, mixed together just before applying on the hair, is an exceptional renewal treatment inspired by caviar’s vital properties. Caviar pearls are silver balls containing Squalane fatty acid, as well as vitamins A and E submersed in gel enriched with water from Pacific Ocean, rich in minerals and microelements. The mask perfectly complements ingredients of caviar pearls. Chronologiste ritual at a hair salon is the most luxurious service offered by Kerastase.