Vademecum of a well-groomed man
You don’t have to be a woman to know that appearance does matter. More and more modern men realize, that the way they look has impact on success in both their professional, as well as personal life. All men of success are therefore invited to Sharley Institute for treatments which will make them more attractive and no less manly.
Fine feathers make fine birds. That is why there are things that a classy man simply has to find some time for. A well-groomed face, hands and nails or a good hair-style constitute the basic part of one’s looks. New generation beauty treatments are adjusted to the dynamic pace of life of modern men. Fast and effective, they will give you a moment of relaxation, long-term effects and a good mood.


Some men think that face care is an unnecessary luxury reserved only for women and is not worthy of a real man. They couldn’t be more wrong! Manliness does not mean having premature wrinkles, flaking skin or spots. You can get rid of these problems, often caused by your active life-style (being in a hurry, stress, lack of sleep, wrong diet, daily shaving) the manly way – once and for good. We offer cleansing, nourishing, rejuvenating, exfoliating treatments, as well as treatments improving general condition and appearance of your skin. Our specialists will diagnose your skin, offer you treatments and cosmetics adjusted to its type, age and needs.


A Polish saying says that hair do not stick to a wise head. And we say, that a wise head knows how to maintain hair in good form until old age. Our hairdressers will correctly assess the condition and needs of your hair, and will advise you how to take care of it, making sure it stays thick, healthy and shiny. They will also offer you a hairstyle that follows the latest trends, and at the same time matches your personality and life-style. They will offer professional cosmetics (available exclusively at hair salons) to take care and style your hair at home, making sure that you are able to enjoy great hair style long after your visit at a hair salon.


A strong hand shake and delicate skin – every woman will appreciate this combination. But it’s not only women who pay attention to men’s hands. In many situations, e.g. in business, well-groomed hands and nails are in a way a „business duty”. That’s why Sharley Institute offers you naturally looking manicure and a broad choice of hand treatment to moisturize, lighten and rejuvenate the skin. We also recommend pedicure and feet treatments which will not only ensure better appearance, but also great relaxation and regeneration.


A well-shaped, dynamic silhouette is more than just a matter of fashion, it is a necessity, both in terms of health, as well as… economy. The better you look, the better you are perceived by employers, customers and of course women. Training at a gym can be perfectly rounded off with a massage. Massage has a salutary effect on both the body and soul. It gives you spectacular relaxation and soothing, as well as boost of energy. Massage helps delay skin ageing processes and maintain muscle elasticity and resilience. Our excellent masseurs can offer you relaxing, renewing, aroma-therapeutic, slimming massages, as well as reflexothrerapy and therapeutic massage recommended for malfunctioning movement organs.

Special purpose treatments

If you need more radical changes or stronger solutions to fight with skin problems, take advantage of our aesthetic medicine offer. Professionals at Sharley Institute carry out non-operative wrinkle correction, which will allow you to get rid of the so called „crow’s feet” in the eye area, worry lines on the forehead or nasolabial folds which can make your face look sad. The appearance of a fierce face can be alleviated by enlarging lips or raising their downward pointing corners. We also recommend preventive treatments which improve the general skin condition by stimulating collagen responsible for skin’s elasticity and tightness.

At Sharley Institute we will also help you deal with wet stains on your shirt or moist palms or feet. For treating excessive sweating we use BOTOX® which provides good effects. Injecting BOTOX® in body parts which are characterized by excessive sweating allows to reduce the amount of generated sweat by 50 to 85%. State-of-the art lasers will help us clean your skin from disfiguring changes caused by broken capillaries. All aesthetic medicine treatments are carried out exclusively after a diagnose and under control of high-class specialist physicians.

Take advantage of Sharley’s individual treatments and relaxing sessions for two in our biological renewal zone.