Bring back the sparkle in your eyes
At Sharley’s we know how to give your eyes the right frame. Specialist care of sensitive skin under the eyes and on the lids is the basis. We can recommend treatments for its various problems and deficiencies. Since they are neither costly (from PLN 80 to 150), nor time-consuming, it is worthwhile taking a comprehensive approach and combining them with other facials. Nothing will give your face more charm than a self-satisfied, glittering look.

For wrinkles and „crow’s feet”

TIME RETURN-EYE CONTOUR DIBI will cope with them perfectly! It is a strong anti-wrinkle treatment containing among others such ingredients as: caviar, pearl powder and Ageless 10 molecule.It stimulates the activity of natural mechanisms responsible for self-repair processes of the skin in all its layers. The treatment effectively brings back tightness of the delicate skin around the eyes and provides deep nourishment.

You will also find a little bit of prevention useful, i.e. TREATMENT WITH 24-CARAT GOLD, which delays skin’s ageing processes.A combination of hyaluronic acid and powdered active gold instantly boosts circulation. Gold makes your skin cohesive, levels out wrinkles and brightens dark circles under the eyes.

For dark circles, puffiness and discolourations

Lotus extract will have no problems dealing with dark circles and puffiness. LOTUS TREATMENT is also rich in other nutrients that stimulate cell activity, and as a result – regenerate and lighten up theskin.

We also recommend TREATMENT WITH AHA for dark circles under the eyes, which will also effectively eliminate vessel-related discolourations. A combination of almond -, phytic-, thioglycolic acid and tretinoin boosts skin cell division. It makes the skin tight, lightened up and smoothed out.

For tired eyes

After a hard week of work, especially in front of a computer, a FACIAL WITH HYALURONIC ACID will give you relaxation and soothing. This unique combination of collagen and hyaluronic acid provides instant and perfect effect of smoother delicate skin around the eyes. The mask was additionally enriched with a beneficial mix of plant extracts and moisturizing agents. The pads comfortably adhere to the skin, providing it with a proper dose of nutrients. The treatment provides cooling effect, sooths tired eyes, ensures relaxation and rejuvenation to delicate skin around the eyes.

Duration: 30 min
Time Return – Eye Contour Dibi – PLN 150
24 Carat Gold Treatment – PLN 150
Lotos treatnent – PLN 150
AHA tratment – PLN 150