A sip of refreshment four your skin

In order to keep fresh and flourishing look, your skin – just like a flower, needs water. You are not always able to provide it with the right level of moisturization. Professional treatments performed by specialists will improve your skin’s hydration in no time, making it look radiant and healthy again.

Choose a right treatment

Hydrating B5 SkinCeuticals

Intensive moisturization for dry skin which lost its radiance

By retaining water in the epidermis Hydrating B5 enhances moisturization of areas which are most prone to dehydration, making the skin look fresh and radiant. Brings back skin’s radiance and elasticity. The treatment also covers areas around the eyes, reducing dark circles and „bags”.

Duration: ca. 1h
Price: PLN 350


A non-invasive wrinkle filling system

Your skin is instantly lifted, wrinkles filled and skin surface imperfections evened out. Fillderma also improves your skin’s elasticity, smooths it out and brightens its tone.

Duration: 1h
Price: PLN 350

Treatment With Cristal Collagen, Black Minerals And Algae

The first aid for sun fatigued skin

Your rough and sun-dried skin will again be moisturized and smooth. The treatment will bring back its natural glow and vitality, and will also smooth out wrinkles.

Duration: 1h
Price: PLN 200