Every woman's dream
Eyelashes are definitely not an issue which you could turn a blind eye to. Long, thick, lusciously curled lashes are every woman’s dream. Unfortunately, not all of us were so generously equipped by mother nature. However, with a little help of the most recent achievements in modern cosmetology you can quickly make up for it.
Choose a right treatment

Xtreme Lashes

Equip your secret weapon with even more striking power!

Eyes wide open or modestly lowered – this frame will always make your eyes look great. This semi-permanent treatment involves gluing single synthetic lashes to single natural lashes. Each newlash is separated and glued to a natural lash at 3/4 of its length, which guarantees exceptional permanent character. There are lashes of different length and thickness to choose from, naturally curled or with a stronger curl. You can therefore select them individually depending on your styling needs. Artificial lashes do not load or damage the natural ones, and they fall out gradually with your own lashes. Extended eyelashes do not limit woman’s activity, they are water-resistant and suitable for make-up (with a special mascara). Extended and thickened eyelashes should be replenished on average once per month.
Duration: ca 3h
Price: PLN 600
Price of replenishment: PLN 250 – PLN 300
Removing: PLN 100 zł (if lashes were applied in a different salon)
Free of charge (if lashes were applied in our salon)


An innovative lash and brow growth formula

Long and thick eyelashes without any extension? Now it’s possible! RevitaLash® Eyelash Conditioner is an incredible, fast-working cosmetic innovation which will make your natural lashes longer, bigger and thicker. It is a serum-conditioner that stimulates growth of lashes and brows. A transparent formula with consistency of a light gel is applied for the night with a thin brush on the base of upper and lower lashes and in the spot where you want to stimulate your brow growth. You can expect visible results already after 4-6 weeks. After around 4 months, to maintain the effects, it is enough to use RevitaLash two or three times a week. One packaging is sufficient for 5 months of daily use. What’s interesting, is that the product can be applied on extended and thickened lashes, as it does not dissolve the glue. Also recommended to persons who have gone through chemotherapy.
Price of one packaging: PLN 330