Start with the basics!
A thorough face hygiene is the abc of daily care. But does washed face mean the same as cleansed? Not necessarily. Face milk, foam and gel only remove impurities on the skin’s surface. To provide in-depth cleansing, you need something extra. You will find it at Sharley’s, where we start taking care of your skin from the basics.
Choose a right treatment


Good for everything

Microdermabrasion effectively cleanses, removes overgrown corneous layer, brightens discolourations and rejuvenates the skin. It stimulates blood circulation, provides better cell nourishment and reinforcement of their natural defence capacities. Effects are visible already after the first treatment. However, in order to permanently improve the condition of your skin, it is worthwhile undergoing a series of treatments. Their amount, frequency and depth will be adjusted to your individual needs.

Duration: 1h
Price: PLN 250

Manual cleansing

No more blackheads!

Manual cleansing of the skin is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. It involves manual removal of all kinds of blackheads and other impurities gathering underneath skin surface. It is worthwhile entrusting this activity with a specialist, as „squeezing spots” by yourself may bring more damage than benefits. A specialist will properly prepare your skin for the treatment and will prevent irritations. The treatment can be carried out on the face, décolletage and back.

Duration: from 1h to 1h 30min
Face – PLN 170
Décolletage – PLN 190
Back – PLN 220

Dibi Skin Ultra

One device, tripple effect

Dibi Skin Ultra is a state-of-the-art device that takes advantage of modern ultrasound emission technology and ionophoresis. It allows to carry out an effective three-phase treatment: deep cleansing in the first phase, intense micronization in the permeation phase and effective oxygenation via a micromassage. The treatment with Dibi Skin Ultra deeply cleanses your skin and contributes to eliminating its negative changes. Removing excess sebum gives your skin a healthy, matt look, without unnatural shine. It is oxygenated, which in turn improves its tone. The effects stay longer as a result of stimulation of natural skin functions.

Duration: 1h 30min
Price: PLN 250