During puberty and at mature age
Today acne is not only a problem of teenagers. More and more often it concerns mature women. Diet, life-style and state of the environment in which you live have a direct impact on the condition of your skin. That is why acne is more and more often considered to be one of civilization diseases.
Choose a right treatment

Impure Skin

Bring back natural balance to your skin

Impure Skin perfectly cleanses your skin, regulates sebum secretion, stops bacteria development and reduces dilated pores. Results are visible instantly after the treatment. Your skin is hydrated, soft and resilient, but also matt.

Duration: 1h
Price: PLN 250

Clarifying Skin Ceuticals

Effective help in the fight with problems

Clarifying Skin Ceuticals is a perfect treatment for oily, acne skins, with visibly dilated pores, irritations and problems of shiny skin. Clarifying Skin Ceuticals will make your pores much less visible, and your skin will be left tight and matt. If it was irritated before the treatment, you will definitely feel an improvement in this regard.

Duration: 1h 15min
Price: PLN 350

Treatment with crystal collagen with blue minerals

A healing power of nature

Treatment with crystal collagen with blue minerals is perfect for skins with blackheads and spots. The objective is to limit sebum secretion, clean and refresh the skin, as well as sooth burning sensation and redness of the irritated areas.

Duration: 1h 15min
Price: PLN 350