Health and beauty in harmony with nature.
Eco Wellness Sharley is a magical place with flickering candle lights and air filed with the scent of essential oils. It’s a true mood booster that makes you relaxed and recharged with the energy drawn from the soothing and cherishing power of Nature. Eco Wellness Sharley was developed thinking about our most demanding customers. It took us several months to source the vendors of natural cold pressed oils, butters and plant waxes. We also took extra care to find precious essential oils that have a therapeutic impact on the body. As a result we developed a unique offer of Eco Treatments that will purify the body and mind from stress, negative emotions and accumulated toxins.
Natural cosmetics
Eco Wellness treatments nourish the skin on your face and body by means of rich herbal blends adjusted to individual skin needs and the emotional state of every individual person. Did you know that at Eco Wellness Sharley we do not use readymade cosmetics? We prepare them during the treatment on the basis of natural ingredients. We develop each blend individually for every person. Its composition depends on the skin type and condition as well as on the kind of treatment.
Tell us how you feel and what you need. We’ll prepare a cosmetic that will be perfect for your body and the needs of your soul!
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Soothing Touch of Nature

Forget the daily hassle

Care and regenerating treatment for face and body with the use of selected cold pressed oils that contain vitamins and fatty acids which are precious for the skin: lauric, stearic and palmitic fatty acids. The treatment also uses essential oils, clays and floral waters. The application of special techniques such as massage with hot basalt stones or stimulation of reflex points during massage of the face and head reinforces the caring effects of herbal blends.

Remember that we prepare the cosmetics for the treatment especially for you during the treatment.

Afterwards your body is pleasantly relaxed, the skin is pampered and groomed, and the mood markedly improved.

Treatment duration :1h 30min
Price: 350PLN

Colourful dreams

A good way to relax and sleep well

During this treatment we take advantage of the benefits offered by cleansing effects of the steam sauna with special blend of essential oils that purify the body and soul. Next comes the water massage in warm Jacuzzi to make sure that oil particles that entered the organism during the stay in the sauna can be spread throughout the whole blood system to increase the detoxifying and relaxing effects.

After the sauna and the bath you will be offered an aromatic peeling of the whole body that will pamper your skin and senses. The treatment ends with a relaxing massage of the whole body taking special care of the reflex points on the head, face and neck. Exclusive blend of organic oils will improve the appearance and condition of your skin, while essential oils will stimulate your sense of smell and areas of the brain responsible for relaxation.

Afterwards you will feel light and the coming night will bring a good night’s calm sleep.

Treatment duration :2h
Price: 490PLN