Eat to live a healthy life!
Enjoy breakfast all alone, share lunch with your best friend and give dinner to your enemy – says an old Chinese proverb. And indeed it is a really good way to lose some extra kilograms. But how to do it effectively in practice? Our dietician will help you.
We sometimes tend to forget that we eat in order to live, and not the other way round. And amazingly looking and deliciously smelling temptations await us on every corner. However, not everything that looks attractively, also provides benefits. The art of choosing healthy products and making tasty meals out of them is not easy, but one can learn it. You and your silhouette will benefit from it.

Proper diet supports the effects of beauty treatments, so a dietician could not go missing at a Health and Beauty Institute. Our clinic offers the advice of food physiologist Iza Czajka, author of „Diet in the city” and „Fitness in the city”, as well as promoter of a healthy life-style in women magazines, including among others „Olivia”, „Super linia”, „Kobieta i życie” and many others.

During the first visit she will assess your health condition and emotional state. She will carry out an interview with you on diet methods and life-style. This information is necessary to work out an individual diet that will help you get rid of the unnecessary kilograms and regain your vigour and energy instead. During the next sessions, the amount and frequency of which will be determined on an individual basis, our dietician will be controlling the course of your diet, reinforcing your motivation and supporting you in difficult moments.
Diet consultations in our clinic include among others:
  • diagnosing the cause behind excessive weight
  • establishing a nutritional programme adjusted to your needs; it can be focused on slimming, silhouette modelling, improving mood, adding vigour
  • working out activity strategies that will help you quickly get rid of fat from places that are less influenced by diet: thighs, buttocks, arms or waist
  • analysis and correction of eating habits you and your family have, supported by a vitamin and mineral strategy