Take care of good health of your skin
Honey, chocolate, almonds, tropical fruit – your skin likes the same things you do. See how happy it will be absorbing the nourishing extracts from these goodies and how beautifully it is going to look.
Sharley’s nourishing treatments are surely its most „delicious” offer. Incredibly pleasant formulas of peelings and masks, wonderful aromas, relaxing massages are a true feast for the body and senses. For you it is an immense pleasure, and for your skin a wholesome „meal”, which will provide it with glow, vitality and strength for the future.
Choose a right treatment

A luminous salt bath

Beauty, relaxation and therapy in one

A luminous salt bath will bring back a radiant glow to your skin. It will deliver vitamins and nutrients which are necessary to make it much more soft, smooth and healthy. After the treatment you will feel cleansed and relaxed. And this is the way your skin is going to feel as well – free from toxins, irritations or imperfections, mineralized and better functioning. If you have some stress- or injury-related pain, this treatment will definitely make you feel better.

Duration: 40 min
Price: PLN 150

Glycolic acid

Rejuvenating-exfoliating treatment

Glycolic acid treatment is recommended to rejuvenate and illuminate the skin. Is is also an effective therapy for problematic skins with spots and discolourations, post-acne scars or cornification. It exfoliates surface layer of the epidermis, which is invisible to the naked eye, but it effectively supports skin renewal and regeneration. Reconstruction of elastic fibres makes your skin more flexible. At the same time, production of collagen fibres and mucopolysaccarydes is boosted, which makes wrinkles more shallow and improves skin biological and elastic properties in the long run.

Duration: 1h
Price of one treatment: from PLN 380

Milk and honey

Feel like cleopatra

A warm aromatic mix of honey, milk and almonds is applied on the whole body with slow movements. Slight coarseness of minced almonds delicately exfoliates the skin. Honey, thanks to its high nutritional values, provides the skin with biologically active substances, making it soft, smooth and resilient at the same time. Additionally, it superbly nourishes the skin, stimulating blood circulation in skin tissues, ensuring that prectious nutrients of one of the most perfect products of nature, nourish the cells more effectively.Better appearance and better mood after the treatment are guaranteed results of this milk and honey treatment. Skin is wonderfully cleansed, smoothed out and flexible. And the fact that wrinkles will seem more shallow is not going to be merely an effect of your good mood.

Duration: 1h
Price: PLN 300

Shea butter

Regeneration for dry skins

Shea butter perfectly moisturizes and nourishes your skin. It regenerates the epidermis and boosts skin cell activity, preventing their premature ageing. The treatment starts with peeling of the whole body. After removal of dead epidermis your body is ready to absorb protective and anti-dehydrating ingredients of Shea butter, which contains among others: vitamins, cinamon acid that protects the skin from UV radiation and tocopherol with anti-oxidizing properties. Warmed-up butter is applied on the body during a relaxing massage.

Duration: 1h
Price: PLN 300

Tropical paradise

Energizes, refreshes, rejuvenates

The treatment starts with rejuvenating „salt mousse” peeling, which is a holistic formula that heals the skin and provides it with energy. During application the formula generates a pleasant foam and slowly releases renewing negative ions, thus improving absorption of ingredients by the skin. A cleansed body is then enveloped in a mask containing among others calcium, magnesium, vitamin A and pomegranate extract. The product contains very strong rejuvenating ingredients: collagen polypeptides (smoothing) and elastin polypeptides (firming). During the treatment, wrapped in vanilla and tropical fruit fragrances, you will experience some truly sensuous impressions. Afterwards your skin will be smooth and rejuvenated, while uevenness and wrinkles on the body will be reduced.

Duration: 1h
Price of one treatment: PLN 350

Chocolate therapy

Endorphins the sweet way

The treatment perfectly moisturizes, nourishes and smoothes the skin. Improves resistance and protects the circulatory system. What’s more, antioxidants contained in chocolate slow down the ageing process. Chocolate significantly increases serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain, thus improving your mood and reinforcing psyche. And what’s most important – absorbing it this way, you don’t have to count calories.

Duration: 1h
Price: PLN 300

Pevonia Botanica desert flame

Feel the heat in the middle of winter

Just right for the cool autumn-wintery aura. Instead of dreaming about hot sun, drop in for a truly warming treatment with algae, jinseng and sandal tree oil, which will not only bring back summer memories, but will also perfectly nourish your skin. The treatment is also an effective means that soothes skin irritations, supports wound healing and eases body pains.

Duration: 1h
Price of one treatment: PLN 300