Get rid of unnecessary hair for good
Every woman dreams of smooth and silky skin without the necessity of frequent hair removal. Current beauty canons do not tolerate any visible hair. Unfortunately, human nature does not go hand in hand with fashion and in order to look beautiful we have to make a lot of efforts. High-technology comes to the rescue, helping us get rid of unnecessary hair for good.
How it’s done?

During the treatment laser emits a delicate bundle of rays, which is absorbed by pigment in the hair shaft, thus destroying the hair follicle. However, not every hair grows at the same time. While some of them are in the growth phase (they are the ones that respond to laser’s light), the remaining hair are in the catagen and resting phase. After some time they too will enter an active growing stage and only then can be removed with a laser. For permanent effects, it usually takes three or four treatments carried out at 4-6 week intervals, and sometimes even 10-12 week intervals. At times the required number of repetitions is higher. It all depends on the individual features of the organism. Also, it is not always possible to use laser hair removal, because the hair is fair, contains little pigment and will not be able to focus the light bundle, so it will not be damaged. In order to find out whether you can use laser hair removal, how to prepare for it and what sort of principles to follow in the course of a hair removal cycle, feel free to visit us at Sharley’s for individual consultations.

Professional, effective, safe

Light Sheer Diode Laser System which we offer at Sharley Institute is the strongest and the most modern hair removal device available in the world. Our model has the best parameters among lasers available at beauty salons in Warsaw. The quality of laser and ability to operate it are extremely important for your safety, comfort and effectiveness of treatment. It is impossible to carry out laser hair removal in a fully pain-free way, but pain can be significantly weakened and reduced, and the desired effects can be met with relatively few treatments. Treatment effectiveness is very much dependent on the laser’s power. Our laser has the power of 2900W, i.e. almost twice as much as the majority of lasers used in other salons. It also has a three times bigger head, the so called spot (12x12mm), which allows us to remove hair from larger parts of the body faster, thus reducing the time of discomfort.

How to prepare for treatment?

To start the treatment, the hair you want to remove should be visible. If you’ve used other types of hair removal before (wax, creams, foams, depilator), allow your hair to grow back and shave it off. In the period directly before, between and after the last treatment you should strictly follow the recommendations of your beautician, avoid sun exposure, photosensitizers and skin irritants.

Caution! To avoid side effects and complications, strictly follow all counterindications for laser treatments. These include: juvenile acne and acne rosacea, albinism, birthmarks, skin inflammations and damages, as well as contact with photosensitizers (antibiotics, strides, pregnancy, serious vein problems, vitamin A derivatives).