Silky smooth skin for everyone!
Your skin is getting older faster than you? That’s normal. Active live-style, influence of harmful external factors, no time for a wholesome treatment, and above all a relentless flow of time do their job. However, you can always take advantage of special-task treatments and make your skin look like new again. You will find these treatments at Sharley’s.
Choose a right treatment


Technology that can make wonders

If your skin is stretched and flabby, for example after intense slimming diet, or you are just starting a diet and you want to avoid such effects, you need a series of firming treatments with ThermaLipo. This fully safe and pain-free therapy will bring back firmness of your skin, reduce fatty tissue and eliminate cellulite. You can apply it on the arms, belly, inner and outer thighs, knees, torso or fatty back.

Duration: 1h
Price of one treatment: PLN 500


Exercises with no effort

This treatment, referred to as „the passive training”, is very helpful in modelling silhouette, as it also has impact on subcutaneous tissue, muscle tissue and the circulatory system. It provides results which are comparable to the effects of physical exercises. We also recommend it as an effective pain-soothing measure, e.g. after injuries or for excessive muscle tension (stress, sedentary life-style). The treatment can be applied on thighs, belly, buttocks and arms. Electrostimulation models your silhouette and cleanses your skin, which is stimulated by heat generated during treatment to excrete harmful substances together with sweat.

Duration: up to 1h
Price: PLN 160

Body Lift

A nutritious cocktail for damaged and dried-out skin

Your skin is damaged, dried-out and has no elasticity? Bring back its youth with a cocktail from carefully selected active ingredients provided by Body Lift Dibi. It is a perfect way to regenerate your skin, which will become more firm and flexible. At the same time the treatment prevents its degradation caused by premature ageing. You will feel a lifting effect immediately after Body Lift treatment. Your body will be firm, soft and perfectly moisturised. What’s more, the effects will remain in place for another couple of days. If you want to keep them longer, we recommend a series of 6-8 treatments.

Duration: 1h
Price: PLN 300