Release your skin from toxins
Few people are aware of the huge impact daily pollution has on the appearance and condition of their skin. Whenever you see that it’s dull, tired, has cellulite, you usually refer to temporary aid in the form of skin care products. Meanwhile, the problem lies much deeper. Your skin needs detoxification from harmful substances which constantly reach it both from outside, as well as from inside.
Choose a right treatment

Pevonia Botanica Algae

Minerals against toxins

This treatment will help your skin purify itself from excess water and toxins. It is also an effective weapon in the fight against cellulite. After the treatment your skin will be purified, vibrant and smooth. Toxins will be replaced with precious minerals, which in turn will stimulate natural regeneration of the organism.

Duration: 1h
Price: PLN 300

Pevonia Botanica Green Coffee

Perfect support for natural cleansing processes

The treatment with green coffee not only purifies your skin, but also makes it more firm and your silhouette slimmer. It will also stop free radicals from spreading, which are responsible for premature skin ageing. You will see the results after just one treatment: fantastically rejuvenated, toxin-purified and smoothed out skin. A series of treatments will in turn make your skin much more firm and your silhouette slimmer.

Duration: 1h
Price of one treatment: PLN 300

Limphatic Drainage Slide Styler With Body Wrapping

A more beautiful skin and slender silhouette

Take advantage of this treatment, if you suffer from oedema, cellulite, weight problems, or if your skin is not sufficiently oxygenated. We also recommend it, if you are on a diet, as the treatment effectively supports it, or if you want to bring back the firmness of your skin after pregnancy. Apart from effective detoxification, the treatment will reinforce the effects of diet by improving natural processes responsible for removing the products of metabolism and excess water from your organism. It also contributes significantly to the reduction of fatty tissue and cellulite. After the treatment your skin will be smooth and resilient, and the silhouette more slender.

Duration: 1h
Price: PLN 160