Bust forward!
Breasts are undoubtedly the most incredible attribute of femininity. It is what men are most jealous of, not only because it stimulates their imagination. It is thanks to our breasts that we can support live and build incredible, strong bonds with our offspring.
You should take special care of this treasure, not least because the flow of time and function imparted to breasts by nature have an obvious impact on their appearance. To keep them firm and nicely shaped for longer, you should think about special treatments, in particular if you are planning pregnancy or have just finished breastfeeding. At Sharley’s, apart from comprehensive firming treatments, we also offer ones meant especially for this exceptional part of a woman’s body.
Choose a right treatment

Mini Lift

Plastic surgery without any scalpel

Mini Lift is an exceptionally effective cosmetic treatment. It will help you reduce the effects of the flowing time: flabbiness and lack of resilience. Mainly recommended to all women who expect spectacular effects without surgical interference. The treatment can also be applied to face, neck and décolletage.

Duration: 1h
Price of one treatment: PLN 200

Firming and reinforcing mask

Be a beautiful mum

The treatment improves skin’s elasticity, so during pregnancy your ski will cope better with stretching and the risk of stretch-marks appearing on the enlarged breasts will be reduced. After birth, it helps regenerate the stretched skin on the abdomen and on breasts after breastfeeding period. It brings back your skin’s former tightness and facilitates its coming back to normal functioning.

Duration: 1h
Price: PLN 200