Quick and stunning face smoothing
Passing time is not the only factor that contributes to the appearance of face wrinkles. Joy, anger or sadness leave their traces on our face every day, and so does the sun and gravity. It is not possible to avoid causes of wrinkle formation, but you can eliminate their effects.


Injecting wrinkles with small doses of botulinum toxine (Botox) brings quick and spectacular effects in terms of levelling out wrinkles, particularly in the upper part of the face (forehead, area around the eyes). Your skin will be smooth and tight for many months. The treatment is totally pain-free, the effects are visible already after 3-7 days and last for around six months.

Hyaluronic acid

Wrinkles in the lower part of your face (smile lines, dropping lip corners) are effectively made more shallow with formulas based on hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Juvederm, Estelis, Princess, Surgiderm). The formula injected in the area that requires correction mechanically expands subcutaneous tissue and lifts the skin above wrinkles. The effects are practically instantaneous and last for 8-12 months.


Azzalure is another formula, available in aesthetic medicine salons, that contains A-type botulinum toxine. It is mainly applied to level out wrinkles between brows, around the eye-area, on the chin, neck, around the lips, and to smooth out horizontal lines on the forehead or smile lines. A-type botulinum toxine is a naturally occurring bacterial protein. Small doses of this substance are injected subcutaneously into the muscles in order to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The substance blocks nerve impulses thus relaxing muscles responsible for wrinkle formation. Other nerve functions of the skin skin, such as sensitivity to the touch, remain unchanged. The first effects are visible 2-3 days after the treatment. They last for around 4 months (sometimes longer). Date of the next treatment depends on how long the effects last. However, frequency should not be greater than three months.

Dzięki najnowszym zdobyczom nauki i techniki, wykorzystywanym w medycynie estetycznej, możemy zauważalnie polepszyć stan twojej skóry na całej powierzchni ciała, w tym na szyi i dekolcie, poprawiając jej sprężystość, wypełniając zmarszczki poprzeczne i usuwając przebarwienia.