Agnieszka Zwolińska-Bernat – MD, internal medicine specialist

Graduate of the Medical Academy of Warsaw, assistant professor at the department of Medical Academy of Warsaw. Co-author of a book „Arterial hypertension”. Author and co-author of numerous scientific grants. 10 years of practice in microsurgery, expert in aesthetic medicine. Practised among others in the UK, Italy, Scandinavia and Germany. Numerous certificates confirming the highest professionalism of services in the area of aesthetic medicine. She gained her experience, inter alia, working for the worldwide aesthetic medicine guru – David Ascher. She participated in numerous training courses, among others concerning Fraxel laser, lasers for treating vascular lesions – Multiplex, Varie lite. Aesthetic medicine expert in English-speaking press, frequent guest of Polish programmes at TVP, TVN and Polsat. Owns certificates confirming the completion of training courses: advanced resuscitation, echocardiography and many others. Awarded with a prestigious award of the Rector of the Medical Academy of Warsaw for her outstanding scientific achievements. She has been working for Sharley for the past four years where she successfully cooperated on spectacular makeovers. Mum of two kids. Hobbies: painting, music, winter sports, horse riding.

Joanna Żyłkowska – MD, internal medicine specialist


Graduate of the Medical Academy of Warsaw, for many years doctor at the Clinic of Internal Diseases of the Thorax (IGiChP) in Warsaw, assistant at the Department of Experimental and Clinical Physiology of the Medical Academy of Warsaw. Author and co-author of numerous scientific projects, papers and publications – both in Polish and English. Co-author of a guidebook for general practitioners „Cardio-vascular diseases”. Internships and training courses and conferences in France, Germany and Spain. Speaker at Polish and international conferences. Local coordinator and reviewer of the national cardiological register on pulmonary embolism. Owns certificates confirming her top professionalism in the area of internal diseases, cardiology and aesthetic medicine. Participated in numerous training courses, inter alia concerning Fraxel laser therapy, lasers for treating vascular lesions, advanced hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin techniques. Has certificates confirming the completion of training courses in the area of advanced resuscitation, echocardiography, pulmonary hypertension and many others. She graduated magna cum laude due to her outstanding scientific achievements and PhD. Mum of two boys. Hobbies: music (graduate of piano class), winter sports, bicycle riding