There is no problem it cannot solve
Mesotherapy is a very effective and at the same time safe method of treatment of many skin problems. It can be applied to different parts of the body, especially those where the skin loses its firmness quicker. Mesotherapy is used against general skin ageing or temporary deterioration of skin’s condition, hair fall, cellulite, stretch marks, scars and many other skin problems. The area of application is actually unlimited and depends only on the availability of drugs.

The term mesotherapy was coined from words which mean „treatment on the inside”. This method involves injecting small doses of medicinal substance directly into affected areas. Drugs are adjusted to the problem and body part. Active substances delivered to the skin are aimed at stimulating its natural regeneration processes. Special cocktails block cell impulses which are responsible for energy burning, fat absorption and acceleration of circulation. Cocktails used on the face, neck and décolletage are a mix of many revitalizing and regenerating substances, such as hyaluronic acid, organic silica and multivitamin complexes, that stimulate cell metabolism and boost collagen and elastin production.

Mesotherapy is also effective in treating excessive hair loss in middle-aged men, as well as women who have just delivered a baby or are going through a menopause. In order to prevent significant hair loss, the therapy should be started already with the first symptoms. It involves injecting hair nourishing substances in the skin on the head (dexapanthenol, organic silica, oligolelements, biotine, minoxidil, lidocaine or NCTF). They start regeneration of hair structure, at the same time stopping the process of falling out, and often making your hair grow back.

We also recommend mesotherapy as a support treatment to fight cellulite and obesity. It is a perfect supplement for other slimming treatments. Injections of a cocktail containing among others caffeine, l-carnitine and artichoke extract, combined with an intense massage, facilitate the removal of excess adipose tissue and make the skin more firm.

Effective mesotherapy requires many treatments (at first 6-4 every fortnight), but after several months the effects are really stunning. The condition of skin after the treatments is significantly improved, fine lines disappear completely and deeper ones become more shallow. Also your skin becomes more tight and firm. Balding process is stopped and in ca. 20% of patients the therapy makes the hair grow back. The effectiveness of mesotherapy was also confirmed in the fight against cellulite. Improved adipose cell metabolism makes the skin tighter and totally eliminates or significantly reduces the orange peel effect.
Types of mesotherapy:
  • Shallower mesotherapy – involves injecting a formula (Mesolis, Juvederm Hydrate) in surface layers of the skin. Some bigger lumps are visible after the treatment and last for 3-4 days.
  • Deeper mesotherapy – the formula (Mesolis Plus, Princess Rich) is injected into the dermis. It offers better moisturization and the lumps after the treatment are smaller, visible for 2-3 days.

Formulas used in mesotherapy


The most recent offer for skin biorevitalization, which contains active amino-acids: glycine, proline, leucine, lysine and hyaluronic acid. It is applied among others to supplement treatments involving peeling, dermabrasion or laser. The formula is injected with a very fine needle in the areas that require correction. The treatment is carried out in a series of 4-6 treatments performed every fortnight. The results in the form of moisturized skin are visible already after the first treatment, and a total effect of firm, healthy and flexible skin appears after six months.


A formula which is a true bomb of excellent ingredients. Its rich composition contains 13 vitamins, 6 minerals, 6 co-enzymes and 5 nucleic acids. The benefit of NCTF mesotherapy is that it is a fully biological treatment which can be applied for years without any major risk. It supplies the skin with natural nutrients which are necessary for its proper functioning. The improvement of skin condition is gradual. However, the results are visible already after the first treatment – the skin is more moisturized and tight. The effects of next treatments accumulate. After a whole series the skin glows and becomes softer, thicker and firmer.

Juvederm Hydrate

Juvéderm® HYDRATE is a formula which works on the verge of epidermis and dermis, and was developed thinking about deep moisturization. Its unique formula makes deep skin layers moisturized, while fine lines and wrinkles become less visible. The skin has a healthy, fresh look and becomes velvety smooth. It is significantly moisturized and more elastic. As a result, the treated area is visibly refreshed, the skin regains its youthful, natural glow, and the face its cheerful, radiant look. Research and experiments carried out by specialists confirmed that Juvéderm® HYDRATE is the best tolerated moisturizing treatment by the skin.


Mesolis and Mesolis+ belong to a totally new assortment of products destined for surface injections in therapy aimed at moisturizing the dermis. These gels are manufactured on the basis of hyaluronic acid biofermentation (not stemming from animals), so there is no risk of allergies. Surface microinjections of hyaluronic acid into the dermis facilitate deep skin moisturization, and thus provide permanent rejuvenating effects for the face or other body parts. A nourished and regenerated dermis regains its glow, tightness and flexibility, while the complexion becomes radiant, just as when it was young.

Princess Rich

Hyaluronic treatment for face mesotherapy with high glycerine concentration. It moisturizes and tightens the skin, making it more flexible and radiant. The formula is used as filler for fine lines, such as crow’s feet, smile lines or smoker’s lines around the lips. It provides perfect skin moisturization, and can thus be used before or after sun tanning.