Exfoliation is good at any age
Systematic peelings are a necessary element of skin care, which will let you enjoy a beautiful skin at any age. At puberty epidermis exfoliation helps cleanse the pores, when you are young it helps keep the skin fresh and smooth, and when you are mature it helps maintain a uniform skin tone and get rid of the first wrinkles. In special cases, such as acne, scars or discolorations, you need a stronger version of exfoliation, which is provided by medical peelings.
We recommend our medical peelings for such conditions as: juvenile acne, post-acne scars and discolorations, after-sun spots, hormonal and after-inflammatory spots, fine mimic wrinkles and sun-caused lines, as well as for the following skin types: oily, seborrhoeic, dry, matt and dull, tired looking. In the latter case we apply gentler refreshing peelings. It is worth undergoing medical peelings not only when you have skin problems, but also as a way of prevention, to delay ageing processes and prevent premature wrinkle formation.

SkinFit tretinoin mask

A patent for smooth skin

SkinFit tretinoin mask is an exceptional product in its class. As a patented formula it was awarded at 15th Global Aesthetic Medicine Congress. The treatment has very strong anti-acne and anti-ageing effects. However, high concentrations of tretinoin may cause severe skin irritations, therefore the treatment is carried out exclusively under the watchful eye of a doctor.

Directly after the treatment skin becomes smoother and fairer. In the long-term perspective application of the mask reduces discolorations, as well as shallow and deep wrinkles, and makes skin structure more uniform. Systematic mask application improves skin moisturization and elasticity, normalizes sebum excretion and reduces skin hypersensitivity to external factors. For best results repeat the treatment 3-5 times every 7 days, and afterwards once a month to maintain the effects.


Intensive exfoliation of dead cells

GlykoPeel is a dermatological peeling aimed at fighting skin ageing processes. It helps normalize pigmentation disorders which cause discolorations and fight alterations caused by environmental factors (pollution, cigarette smoke). It reduces wrinkles, scars and post-acne traces. Gets rid of blackheads and narrows down widened pores. A week before the peeling avoid depilation, electrolysis, dermabrasion, retinoids and face skin irritating agents.

The treatment improves skin’s condition by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, soothing acne symptoms, shrinking pores, removing discolorations, increasing tissue tonus and stimulating microcirculation. A thick layer of dead cells on the skin surface makes your complexion look rough and matt. After its effective removal with GlykoPeel the skin will be instantly radiant, smooth and will have an even tone.


Effective epidermis regeneration

Salicylic acid peeling is recommended among others to treat inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne, acne rosacea, psoriasis, hair follicle inflammation and melasma. The treatment also makes a good preparation for microdermabrasion and other peelings.

In acne skins it helps cleanse the pores, remove blackheads and scars, as well as reduce seborrhoea.

The treatment also stimulates skin regeneration processes, thus improving its tightness and evening out wrinkles.


For sensitive skins

Mandelacpeel is an almond acid extracted from sour almonds, particularly recommended for sensitive skins. This formula is helpful in treating acne, as its chemical structure is similar to the structure of several wide-spectrum antibiotics.

The treatment purifies the skin, makes its tone uniform, reduces and normalizes sebum secretion. It evens out fine wrinkles and lines, lightens discolorations and spots.