Non-invasive removal of topical adipose tissue
Lipolysis is currently the most modern method for permanent, effective and safe reduction of adipose tissue, as well as an attractive alternative for liposuction. The treatment involves injecting phosphatidilocholine in strictly defined areas. The formula is applied directly into adipose tissue with special fine needles, at a dose specified by a doctor. The substance penetrates adipose tissues without any problems and breaks them apart. You can go back to your regular activities directly after the treatment. Treatments are recommended on average 2-3 times every several weeks, depending on the amount of adipose tissue.

The effect of less thick fatty tissue can be observed after about three weeks from the treatment. The skin is firm and soft, as breakdown of adipose tissue causes topical elimination of cellulite. It is best to carry out lipolysis in stages for two reasons. Firstly, it is not allowed to administer too big single dose. Secondly, after each treatment one can see how adipose tissue was reduced, which allows to adjust the next dose. More than 80% of patients have satisfactory results already after 2-3 treatments.