You can stop your biological clock
Contemporary aesthetic medicine can stop or even reverse the hands of your biological clock, making your face youthful again. Modelling contours of ageing face allows to reenhance the areas which sank in due to the effects of passing time and gravitation.
With age your skin loses its full, tight and youthful look. It is a result of natural ageing process which makes the skin thinner and more slack, which in turn leads to wrinkles and folds. Adipose tissue which provides full shape of your face also gradually disappears, making the face appear narrow and gaunt, additionally making you look older. Sharley has methods and formulas that will help you smooth out folds and wrinkles, as well as bring back the lost volume to your skin. Your face will look young again.

Restylane SubQ

Filling without implants

Restylane SubQ, recommended for face modelling, is a perfect alternative for invasive treatments, such as implants or traditional plastic surgeries. The treatment is suitable for women and men whose skin has lost elasticity. It is mainly aimed at filling cheeks and chin, as well as bringing back harmonious face contours. The treatment brings back roundness of the face, which is characteristic for young age. Cheeks become fuller and more shapely, and the skin around them is more tight and firm. In some persons cheek fullness is additionally accompanied by levelling out the naso-labial folds (smile lines). It is also possible to fill in the tear troph area and remove dark circles under the eyes. Full effects of the treatment are visible after around two weeks and last even up to two years.


Natural look of a rejuvenated face

One can say that Sculptra® is a classic in aesthetic medicine. It is a poly-L-lactic acid, first used in treatment already 30 years ago. In traditional medicine it is more commonly known in the form of surgical sutures. In aesthetic medicine it is said that it can stop the time. Sculptra™ can be used to correct different parts of the face: naso-labial folds, wrinkles in lip corners, indented cheeks, as well as wrinkles on the cheeks and chin.

Sculptra™ provides stunning effects in the correction of deep folds and wrinkles, as well as filling gaps in face volume. Full correction requires 3-4 treatments every 4 weeks, and the results should be visible after around 6 weeks. Naturally looking, thicker skin and filled indentations last for around two years, which was confirmed by clinical trials.

Voluma Corneal

100% absorption

Voluma Corneal is a patented, revolutionary technology involving a 3D hyaluronic acid matrix – substance willingly used in aesthetic medicine to fill wrinkles. The substance is an injectable implant, 100% absorbable by the organism, so the treatment can be safely repeated. It is particularly recommended to persons who lost several kilos over a short period of time, which is clearly visible on their face, as well as to persons whose skin is getting flabby, while fat on the face is disappearing as a result of ageing.

Voluma Corneal fully integrates with skin tissues and perfectly adjusts to the modelled face areas. Within several minutes, with one Voluma injection, your indented temples or chin will be filled and volume of the cheeks will come back. What’s more, the incredibly natural effects will last even up to 18 months. Apart from providing volume to the treated face areas, Voluma nourishes and moisturizes your skin, making it more tight and soft.

Voluma injections can be complemented with SURGIDERM® injections which are aimed at filling wrinkles, as well as with SURGILIFT Plus® (mesolifting) injections which improve moisturization and tightness of the skin.

Preparation for treatment
Three days before the treatment do not take any aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs. On the day of your treatment avoid intensive heating of your body (sauna, solarium, the sun), intensive physical effort and products containing alcohol directly on the corrected areas. Do not wear any make up for the treatment.

For several hours after the treatment avoid excessive face expressions and do not touch or massage the injected areas. For three days after the treatment you should avoid sunbathing, going to the sauna or solarium.