Treatment of excessive sweating

Get rid of this embarrassing problem

Excessive sweating is an exceptionally unpleasant condition which is difficult to eliminate and which hinders ordinary daily activities. It is often a cause of embarrassing situations in professional and social life. BOTOX®, botulinum toxine, comes to the rescue, bringing much better effects than any other therapy.

What is the therapy about

BOTOX® is a perfectly purified A-type botulinum toxine protein, extracted from Clostridium botulinum bacteria. Using a very fine needle doctor injects a small volume (0.1-0.2 ml) of the solution into 10-15 areas located at 1 cm intervals, evenly covering the whole treated area. Sometimes dye is used to identify areas where sweat excretion is the strongest and which should be injected (Minor’s test). The procedure takes about 30 minutes. A small dose injected into the skin blocks the action of nerves which supply the glands of external secretion. This prevents them from excreting sweat.


The effects of treatment widely differ and depend on individual conditions. In one of clinical trials sweat secretion was reduced by 87% after a weak from the treatment. In 95% of patients sweat volume is at least halved. The primary effects maintain for 6-12 weeks, and then gradually disappear. This is caused by the development of new nerve endings which substitute the ones earlier blocked by BOTOX®. Another treatment session can be carried out after the effects of the previous one have stopped, i.e. after ca. 7-12 months.