Your skin can be smooth again
Every woman dreams of a smooth, fair skin with a uniform tone. This is the way we usually look when we are young, before acne or the sun gets to us. You think there is no coming back to those times? You’re wrong!
Now you can look even better than before. In the times of your youth aesthetic medicine was in its infancy. Today it can make wonders. It can be used to effectively eliminate discolorations caused by sun or inflammation, remove acne scars, melasma, freckles or pigmented moles. It helps level out uneven skin tone, narrow down wide pores, or even smooth out fine lines and eliminate other signs of ageing, including general skin slackness.


Get rid of discolorations in a dozen days

Dermamelan is the most effective therapy that eliminates discolorations and helps you do it in less than 20 days. This is a new generation treatment with strong depigmentation properties that effectively eliminates pigmented moles, as well as makes your skin smooth and radiant again. Indications for the treatment include: melasma, small and specific spots, such as freckles, pigmented moles, after-sun and post-inflammatory discolorations. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and phototypes. It can be carried out at any time of the year, as it does not sensitize skin to light.

Dermamelan is a composition of ingredients that stop the creation of large melanin concentrations. Thanks to high concentration of depigmenting substances inside melanosomes it regulates the process of melanin formation. Since it does not contain typical exfoliating factors, it maintains the epidermal barrier, thus protecting the skin from damaging UV rays. The formula contains antioxidants and titanium dioxide, which prevent the creation of free radicals. Active ingredients such as retinol, Vitamin C and E visibly rejuvenate the skin. The treatment also regulates sebum secretion and narrows down the pores.

The treatment comprises two stages: the first one involves a mask applied in the salon, and the second one involves skin care with Dermamelan cream at home. Additionally, you can apply Hydra Vital Faktor K soothing cream, as well as Melanogel Touch which is applied topically on the spots.

TCA Topix Peel

Up to 50% of the epidermis is exfoliated

TCA Topix Peel is a strongly exfoliating treatment which is recommended among others against papulous and pustular acne, post-acne discolorations and scars, as well as wrinkles, senile keratosis and skin slackness.

TCA Topix Peel treatment exfoliates the epidermis (35-50%), thus inducing its intense renewal and making scars and discolorations more shallow. For best results take 4-8 treatments at 2-4-week intervals. A detailed exfoliation programme will be adjusted to your individual needs. After the treatment avoid sun exposure and strictly follow your doctor’s recommendations.

IPL impulse light source

Comprehensive skin improvement

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is the state-of-the-art achievement in aesthetic medicine, which has a broad spectrum of applications. It will help you get rid of many skin flaws: discolorations, erythema, acne, broken capillaries, fine lines, as well as excessive fine hair. IPL also improves skin’s elasticity and softness, as well as helps get rid of stretch marks. It is successfully applied in photorejuvenation treatments. The treatment is suitable for persons aged 24 and more. It provides best effects in persons with fair complexion and skin without excessive seborrhoea. However, the decision whether your skin is suitable for this kind of treatment can only be taken by an experienced doctor. You are welcome to consult us at Sharley Institute.

During one treatment you can get rid of several skin problems at once, significantly improving its general appearance. IPL will make your skin smoother and more fair, removing flaws that have bothered you so far. After the treatment, depending on the treated alterations, the skin may become slightly reddened, it can develop darker patches or even bruises, which will pass after 1-2 weeks. Healing process can be accelerated using creams with vitamin K or arnica, which improve microcirculation and reinforce the walls of blood vessels.