Therapeutic power of a laser
One in two women and one in three men have problems with malfunctioning vessels on the face and legs. The first traces of problems usually involve the so called spider veins, i.e. broken capillaries. They effectively scar your skin and are difficult to remove with traditional methods.

Sharley Institute offers modern methods of non-operative laser removal of broken capillaries. We have top class equipment which guarantees high effectiveness and total safety. We use laser to treat vessel alterations on the face and extremities, both in adults, as well as in children.

The best equipment and the greatest experience

In our therapy we use two top class devices: PhotoGenica V-Star dye laser and Cynergy MultiPlex TM laser, awarded twice by „Aesthetic Trends & Technologies” (a leading magazine on the aesthetic medicine market) as the best laser for removal of vessel alterations and malformations. It is worth pointing out, that we were the first salon in Poland to buy this laser, so we have the biggest experience in using it.

We use our lasers to treat telangiectatic vessel abnormalities – dilated capillaries, commonly referred to as „spider veins”, as well as alterations caused by acne rosacea and angiomas in children and adults. Lasers are also helpful in treating other vessel-related abnormalities: psoriasis, juvenile acne, scars and stretch marks. Before starting the therapy it is necessary to consult our doctor.