A healthy and youthful look at every age
Attractive appearance is undoubtedly one of our biggest assets. It helps us establish relationships, be successful and develop self-esteem. You need to take care of it, just like you take care of your health, especially nowadays when no one can say they have no influence on the way they look.

Advanced medical knowledge and great technical achievements have produced a relatively young branch (in Poland practiced for merely a decade), which however has been developing quite dynamically. It gives us numerous possibilities to „improve” the imperfections of nature, fight with the passing time or damaging impact of the external environment. It also helps us deal with typically medical problems, such as excessive sweating or broken capillaries.

Sharley Institute is proud to be one of the most renowned aesthetic medicine centres in Poland. We employ world-class specialists and use state-of-the-art equipment which allows us to offer you professional, stunning and at the same time safe treatments.