I do what I can to look well. This is the place where they do it well. All the best!

Iza Kuna
Sharley - a magical venue where professionalism meets passion. Kisses
Renata Gabryjelska
Sharley is where professionalism meets warmth and this is what I like the most. This is where I have time just for myself which is so difficult these days. My soul flourishes listening to music, this is where my body can flourish...
Patrycja Markowska
I'd just like to live at Sharley's and never leave it... I love this place and the people who create it, because they make it so incredibly wonderful... See for yourselves! It's worth it! :)
Magdalena Wójcik
The time spent getting treatments at Sharley is my best investment in the future! I recommend it to everyone!!!
Elżbieta Zającówna
Sharley is an exceptional place thanks to the people who work there. We can feel taken care of and looked after. Every one of us wants to feel beautiful – this is how I feel when I leave Sharley. Everyone comes over with some “problem” or “imperfection”. At Sharley’s she will be taken care of and cure herself out of any complexes. Professional help and a great atmosphere. Highly recommended!
Marta Kuligowska
Marta Kuligowska
I adore this place. I escape the reality and run there to enjoy a moment of holidays during the day. Calm, soothing music, fragrance and a feeling of safety make me drift off during treatments, I fall asleep like a baby. Like a child, I can’t wait to have another “holidays”
Danuta Stenka
Sharley is a magical place… Each visit sooths the body and soul. I cannot think of any better relaxation than a massage in the comforting surroundings of this place, accompanied by relaxing sounds and fragrances. After a day of hard work I just love to surrender myself into the professional hands whose each touch makes a woman feel more beautiful… Thank you for this wonderful energy, care and professionalism. Regards,
Edyta Herbuś
Sharley is a place where woman’s beauty can blossom.
Sharley is the place in Warsaw I adore, where I can surrender myself with full confidence into the hands of women who will do everything to make me look well. They take care of my face, hands, legs and body. At Sharley’s I regain my self-confidence, it is a place to calm down and relax.
Bożena Dykiel