An invitation to the world of beauty
We will take care of your skin, make your silhouette slender, make a stunning permanent make-up, ensure relaxation and regeneration of your strength. We can stop or even turn back the time for you. Because we are professionals. Because we have the longest experience on the Polish market. Because we have a holistic approach to health and beauty, and we see you as a woman, and not only as a face, hair, breasts or legs. Feel invited to the world of beauty where we will take care of you from head to toe.

An invitation to the world of beauty

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Make your dreams come true

As a little girl I’d always wanted to change the world into a more colourful, beautiful one – says founder of the Institute Magdalena Bogulak. After years I managed to conjure up Sharley Institute, which for me is a personal and professional fulfillment. Now Sharley helps other women make their dreams about a better and more beautiful life come true. Attractive appearance is really important for all of us. It boosts self-esteem, improves mood, helps to be successgul in professional and personal life.

Feel like a star

Sharley is the place where a woman’s beauty blooms- says Kora friendly about us.It is a touch of secret of femininity in the only and unrepeatable way – adds Agata Młynarska. Danuta Stenka escapes the reality and drops by for a moment of hollidays during the day, because as Edyta Herbuś puts it, each visit is a comfort for the body and soul. Crossing the treshold of our Institute you too will feel like a star. Each customer is for us a like a challenge posed by a woman who is like a diamond – naturally beautiful, but requires a suitable frame. Entrust yourself into our hands and shine like a star.

Trust the professionals

At Sharley Institue we do not only care about your well-being, but also your full safety. That is why we guarantee total sterility of treatments, the best equipment available on the market, as well as ecperience and competences of renowned specialists. The reputation of our Institute is proven by prestigious titles and awards, as well as numerous publications in female press. From the very beginning of its existence Sharley Institute has been creating new trends on the cosmetic market, it has been an expert in makeovers and pioneer of many activities promoting women’s health and beauty.

Relax your body and mind

Sharley does not only take care of the body, but also all the senses. A beautiful surrounding of bright colours and always fresh flowers is a treat for the eyes. Rooms are enveloped in a pleasant, refreshing fragrance of essential oils, and filled with soft, relaxing music. Although located in the center of Warsaw, the Institute lets you escape from the daily noise, problems and the prosaic aspects of life.

History of Sharley Institute
Sharley Institute was established in 1996, which was inspired by the greatest dreams of its founder, Magdalena Bogulak. Wishing to meet global cosmetology standards she established Sharley Health and Beauty Institute, where she focused primarily on holistic approach to health and beauty.

From the moment of its establishment Sharley Institute has been creating and setting trends on the market of professional cosmetology. From 1996 it has organized more than 80 press conferences devoted to health and beauty.

From 1998 more than 40 international experts in cosmetology, permanent make-up, plastic surgery, esthetic medicine and hair styling have arrived in Poland at the invitation of the Institute.

From the very beginnings Sharley has treated its customers in a professional and holistic way – it has one of the broadest treatment offers on the Polish cosmetology market.

Sharley Institute is a pioneer in spectacular makeovers. Among others, it participated in the first Polish makeover programme „10 years younger” organized jointly with TVN and „Claudia” magazine.

Sharley Institute is one of the most often recommended locations by prestigious media (more than 2000 publications since 1996).

Sharley Institute is an Eden for the body and soul, an oasis of tranquillity and relaxation for many celebrities.

  • 1997 – „Super Salon” – award for „The best beauty salon in Poland”
  • 1998 – Sharley obtains LONG TIME LINER coach licences
  • 1999 – Magdalena Bogulak is awarded by a prestigious PANI monthly 100 Polish women
  • 2000 – Magdalena Bogulak is awarded in Dama Biznesu 2000 competition organized by ZWIERCIADŁO monthly, as a recognition for her health promoting achievements she got a special distinction
  • 2001 – Sharley Health and Beauty institute is granted a „Diploma for People of Great Heart”, awarded by Hanna Bakuła’s Foundation for help offered to children from children’s home
  • 2001 – 1st place in Polish Permanent Make-up Championships
  • 2002 – 1st place in Polish Permanent Make-up Championships
  • 2003 – Sharley Health and Beauty Institute is recognized as the Best Beauty Salon in Poland of the last decade
  • 2003 – 1st place in the category „Services”, Warsaw Quality Sign competition
  • 2003 – award in the 6th edition of the Warsaw Quality Sign competition
  • 2004 – participation in jury of the Polish Permanent Make-up Championships
  • 2004 – „The Best” award SKIN JET PROFESSIONAL Cosmetic – Medicine – Wellness – for professionalism in the area of cosmetology
  • 2004 – Special award from SUPERNOVA for professionalism, innovativeness and introduction of the highest standards in cosmetology
  • 2006 – participation in the first Polish „Makeover” program together with „Claudia” monthly and TVN – „10 years less in 10 days”
  • 2009 – Magdalena Bogulak is granted Elite Lingerist title as Long Time Liner trainer, which is a testimony to the highest standard of the highest quality of permanent make-up services
  • 2010 – GLAMOUR woman of the year – Special award of GLAMOUR monthly for Magdalena Bogulak for promoting beauty in glamour style
  • 2010 – Sharley lingerists are the first ones in Poland to obtain Elite Lingerist title as such a numerous group, thus joining the group of top permanent make-up specialists.
  • 2012 – three top places during 1st Polish Permanent Make-up Championships in Warsaw
  • 2013 – „Best Salon of the last two decades”
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